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"Bitten from Within​"  2022〜

作品「Bitten from Within」シリーズは、現代人の抱える問題を題材としています。「首に噛みつく獣」は、人が他者(社会)と関わることによって現れてきた形です。
「Bitten from Within」とは日本語に直訳すると「内面に噛まれる」という意味を持ちます。つまり内面とは噛まれている自分自身であり、首に噛みつく獣は一見恐ろしいですが、その姿は身体の無い頭だけの存在で、このような頭だけの死んだ獣がどんなに噛みつこうと決して自分自身を殺すことなど出来るはずもなく、獣に噛まれたままにしておくのも獣を取り除くのも結局は自分次第なのです。

The subject of Bitten from Within series , is the problem of modern man.The beast biting the neck appears when an individual interacts with others (society).
Having relations with other people is an important part of living a fulfilling life; however, with social media easily accessible through a smartphone, an individual remains exposed to society even when alone and thus is constantly reminded of the presence of the Other and becomes acutely aware of how others perceive them. This is critical as
individuals are influenced by society and in turn, society is shaped by individuals.
Bitten from Within translated directly into Japanese also means bitten by oneself.Though the beast appears frightening, it is a severed head unable to kill the person whom it is biting. Whether to remove the beast or leave it be is up to the individual.

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