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"Beast of the Zodiac 2018" 2018

Sumi ink, pigment, and gold paint on wooden panel / 910x727mm

This piece is part of the series Beast of the Zodiac inspired by the Beast Known as Kotobuki by Shigemitsu Enrousai, an ukiyo-e artist of the late Edo period. The Beast Known as Kotobuki depicts the twelve animals of the zodiac as one.

The Beast Known as Kotobuki is said to have been created in the final years of the Edo period.

During this time, the arrival of Commodore Perry, the end of isolationism in Japan, and the subsequent commencement of trade with Western nations caused rapid modernization and social upheaval in Japan.

I felt that the hopes and uncertainties experienced by the people of the period has parallels to the present day and chose to create my own interpretation of the beast in Enrousaiʼs work.

In my previous piece, Beast of the Zodiac 2017 (2017),the twelve animals of the zodiac, while being antagonistic, cooperative, or indifferent to each other, share a single body.

The head of the beast is that of the rooster, which was the sign for 2017.

In this piece, the head has been changed to that of the dog, the sign for 2018. The three heads, based on the mythological hound Cerberus, represent the change and reshaping that individuals and society undergo.



《十二支の獣 2018 》 2018

墨、水干、顔料、金泥、木製パネル  /  910×727mm 





前作「十二支の獣 / 2017」では、12種類の獣が敵対・協力・無関心など様々な立場や関係で1つの体に共存して描かれており、頭部には2017年の干支である鳥が顔を出していました。


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