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"Beast of the Zodiac 2017" 2017

Sumi ink, Pigment paint on wood panel  /  910×727mm

This piece, a metaphor for modern society, was inspired by a Beast Called Kotobuki by the late Edo period ukiyo-e artist Shigemitsu Enrousai. Enrousai’s ukiyo-e depicts the twelve animals of the zodiac as one beast.

A Beast Called Kotobuki was created in the final years of the Edo period. During this time, the arrival of Commodore Perry and the opening of trade with foreign nations caused modernization and rapid social change in Japan. I felt that the hopes and uncertainties experienced by the people of that time period has parallels in the present day. 
In the Beast of the Zodiac, the twelve beasts coexist in one body, each having antagonistic, cooperative, and indifferent relationships with the others.

Is the beast aware that that the enemy that it is fighting is itself?
Is it aware of the indifferent events happening to itself?



《十二支の獣 2017》 2017

墨、水干、顔料、木製パネル  /  910×727mm 



「十二支の獣」では、12種の獣が、敵対・協力・無関心など様々な立場や関係で、1つの体に共存しています。ここに描かれた獣は、敵対している相手が自分だという事に、気付いているのでしょうか? その無関心な出来事は、自分に起こっているという事に、気付いているのでしょうか? 

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