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Group Exhibition


2016.10.28 FRI - 12.3 SAT

Hisashi Tenmyouya / Hajime Sorayama / Kenichi Asano / Hiroki Ito / feebee / Miki Kato / Moeko Kageyama


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434 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013  >MAP

tel : +1(646)838-8979

Open : 11:00 - 18:00

Regular holiday : Sunday, Monday

TENGAI 3.0 東京巡回展

2017.02.08 ( wed ) -2017.02.25 ( sat )

RECEPTION 2017.02.08 ( Wed ) 19:00 - 21:00




About an exhibition

Hisashi Tenmyouya has pursued the steet art in Japan which embodies samurai spirits, contrasting it with Japanese minimal arts which embodies zen or wabi sabi produced by masters of tea ceremony. In 2010 he invented a new artistic concept, BASARA which is splendid and innovative but was despised by academic and conservative critics in Japan. While BASARA has been inspired by Japanese innovative movements like Basara-mono and Kabuki-mono, a kind of heroic samurai in Sengoku era and eccentric Ukiyo-e painters in Edo era. 

In 2014 he started the Tengai project which produces and introduces contemporary artists who embody BASARA. This 3rd Tengai project is going to introduce 7 artists including illustrators and contemporary artists from the new generation to magnates beyond conventional genres. They revive some elements of samurai paintings, ironic paintings, Bijin-ga, bird-and-flower paintings and mechanical dolls of pre-modern era in Japan. This is a precious chance for you to experience modern Japanese samurai art.

About works

Hisashi Tenmyouya is releasing some of his favorite paintings of samurai. The works embody the majestic side of Japanese culture. 

Hajime Sorayama will release a pair paintings of the Statue of Liberty and Hitler, making fun of mammonism, capitalism, and money games. They are a little controversial. 

Kenichi Asano is showing new works combining wood carving and LED lights. The theme is a supernatural possession and puppet. With an old and new technology, he portrays a heroic image of a deificated samurai or a super hero. 

Hiroaki Ito draws sorrowful figures of Japanese workers. He associates Dogeza, a pose symbolizing apology, with hara-kiri, the ultimate apology - ritual suicide. These paintings express a deep loyalty of Japan. 

Feebee provides 4 paintings of divine beasts decorated with vivid and gorgeous designs. They are fantastic and dynamic Japanese paintings. 

On the other hand, Miki Kato draws women figures who wear Japanese traditional kimono. Her paintings combine a modern kimono and a unique background to express a specific mood and time. 

Moeko Kageyama is a still young student but a new hope from whom Hisahi Tenmyouya expects a lot. She draws fantastic, surreal cascading landscapes that may remind one of the waterfalls of Hokusai. 

Thus, you can see various works of 7 fantastic contemporary artists at this exhibition.


2014年から始動したTENGAIプロジェクトは、天明屋がBASARAの理念を体現する 鬼才にして奇想の作家を発掘・紹介するプロジェクトとなる。 第3弾を迎える今展は、現代美術やイラストレーションといった従来の枠組みを越えて若手から大御所まで、技法もジャンルも様々な7人で編制。武者絵、風刺絵、美人画、花鳥画、からくり人形といった要素を現代にリブートさせる。

空山基は、拝金主義や ギャンブル資本主義を揶揄した自由の女神像とヒトラー像が対になった新作を発表。物議を醸し出す問題作となる。 
伊藤大朗は、日本のサラリーマンの悲哀を描いた 男性像を発表。究極の謝罪として土下座する姿は、武人による切腹をも彷彿ととさせ、日本人に内在する組織への忠誠、侍的なあり方を逆説的に表現する。 

以上7人、いずれも個性豊かな鬼才、 奇想家による異色の饗宴となる。

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