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2019.07.11THU - 08.10SAT

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feebee (フィービー)   画家 / アーティスト


 パソコンを使い始めた事がきっかけで、2002年よりAdobe  Illustratorで作品を描きはじめ、web上で作品発表をするうちに仕事を得てイラストレーターとしてのキャリアをスタートし、画集を2冊出版しています。10年程のキャリアを重ねるうちに、私の作品に対する考え方はコンセプチュアルな方向に変化し、画風も以前より学んでいた工筆画の伝統技法を取り入れることで現在の作風を確立するに至りました。

​ 私は作品に哲学的な内容やメタファーを含め、時代や国を超えた様々な要素を取り入れる事で、私達が生きている時代や社会、世界との関わりについて表現しています。

feebee  Painter / Artist

When I was a child, I grew up in the countryside – a place filled with the splendor of nature. Influenced by anime and manga, I taught myself how to draw.I began creating artwork using Adobe Illustrator in 2002 when I first started using a computer. After posting my art on the web, I started to receive offers of work, thus began my career as an illustrator. Subsequently, I have published 2 collections of my artwork.

Over the course of about 10 years into my career, my thinking towards art shifted to have a more conceptual focus, and this shift changed my style as well. My present style incorporates the traditional Gongbi style of Chinese painting which I had previously studied.

I include philosophical elements and metaphors in my artwork. By incorporating various elements which transcend time and place, I am able express the relationships and connections among the era, society, and the world in which we reside.

個展 Solo Exhibition (Selection)


"Modern Japan"  Kinokuniya Gallery /Sinjuku,Tokyo



"Modern Japan"  Gyaruryi de Printemps / Ginza Printemps /Ginza,Tokyo

"Modern Japan"  Sotetsu Gallery / Yokohama,Kanagawa

"Modern Japan"  NOS / Ebisu,Tokyo

アートフェア Art fair (Selection)

"Art Fair Tokyo" / Tokyo International Forum (Kiyoshi Art Space) / Tokyo
"Art Central Hong Kong" / Central Harborfront (Gallery LJ) / Chaina,Hong Kong
"Art Beijing" / Agricultural Exhibition Center (Kiyoshi Art Space) / Chaina,Beijing


"Outsider Art Fair" / Atelier Richelieu (Gallery LJ) / France,Paris

"Art Fair Tokyo" / Tokyo International Forum (Kiyoshi Art Space) / Tokyo


spiral take art collection 2017 "SHU SHU SHU SHOW" / Spiral garden (hpgrp Gallery) / Tokyo


"Red dot art fair 2011" / Miami, United States


グループ・企画展 Group & Planning Exhibition, etc. (Selection)


Group exhibition "RAN SHO HO SHU" / Gallery MUMON


Group exhibition "Xenolith" / Gallery LJ / France,Paris

Group Exhibition ”SANTAIENNYU" / hpgrp Gallery Tokyo / Tokyo


Group Exhibition "WHILE ALL THINGS CHANGE" / Kiyoshi Art Space / Tokyo

Hisashi Tenmyouya curated exhibition "TENGAI 3.0" / hpgrp Gallery Tokyo / Tokyo


Hisashi Tenmyouya curated exhibition "TENGAI 3.0" / hpgrp Gallery NewYork / NewYork

"Ghost Gallery" Vanilla Gallery / Ginza,Tokyo


Enterprise collaboration Art Tokyo "KONA BEER" / MDP Gallery / Tokyo

Hisashi Tenmyouya curated exhibition "TENGAI 2.0" / Roppongi Hills A/D GALLERY / Tokyo


feebee & SIGE two people Exhibition "This is not a flower" / Gallery Yamaneko / Ogose,Saitama



"Paris je t'aime Exhibition 2011" NOCTUDine / France, Paris

"Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010" / Kuala Lumpur, Marejia

"TRISTAR 2010 WORLD STARS VOL.2" / charity participation

"WIDESPREAD" / Ginza Armani / Ginza,Tokyo



2018 Sumi ink, Silver leaf, Pigment paint on wood panel 410×240×58 mm 《阿》2018 墨、銀箔、顔料、木製パネル